A note regarding COVID-19:

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in history with the mandatory closing of businesses and social distancing. As a provider of domestic violence services, we have a responsibility to our clients and staff to ensure the health and safety of all. As such, we would like to inform you that we are limiting some services to EMERGENCY ONLY, meaning that we will handle day to day operations remotely when possible and limit the amount of time we are exposed to one another. Reducing to essential staff will allow us to care for our own families and the residents of the shelter, while reducing the chances of exposure to the virus. The shelter can not currently house more than 10 people and is in compliance with the current state directive. We will remain compliant throughout this process and will not turn away survivors in need of emergency services. Our hotline remains open so that we can provide for emergency services as well as advocacy during this time, and we are happy to make referrals for community resources. Thank you for your continued community support. Stay safe and healthy!

Kelley M. Beckett, M.Ed., LPC

Executive Director

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What is The First Step?

When making a change to get out of a bad situation, you start with a step. That’s us – your first step to something better. First Step is a new beginning for victims of domestic violence. We offer advocacy services, case management, shelter services, and more. Today, you can take the First Step toward a healthier and more meaningful life.

Mission: To provide safety, shelter and services to victims of domestic violence through community resources and collaboration.

Vision: For every victim of domestic violence to receive support and empowerment through community education, resources, and advocacy.

First Step is a United Way funded organization.

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