Build Healthy Relationships

Amy was worried about the state of her marriage. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t what she dreamed of either. She and Steven had been married 7 years and she thought by this point, it’d be easier to communicate with one another. Instead, it seemed like they were becoming more and more distant. “This isn’t what I had in mind when I pictured my happily ever after,” she thinks to herself as she realizes how separate their lives have become. As a healthy family resource center, First Step seeks to empower people to make healthy choices.


Choice Theory/Reality Therapy based program which last 8 weeks and is 24 sessions. The class is designed to empower First Step Inside 3individuals to make healthy choices. There is a structured curriculum but the program is bought to life, using real life examples that engage each participant. This along with hands on projects that explore each participant’s wants and needs and how those wants and needs impact our choices make Passages unique. First Step also provides childcare for the children of Passages participants. While class is in session, our caring childcare staff will facilitate games and activities for your children in a safe environment. Children will have the opportunity to express themselves and interact with other children through play, drama, art, and music.