Learn Healthy Parenting

Playground The doctor says that Michael and his girlfriend are going to have a baby girl. “What do I do now?” is all Michael keeps thinking. He wants to be an amazing daddy for this new little person, but all he feels is overwhelm at the concept of being a father. He didn’t have a bad childhood, but he’d really like to be more involved in his child’s life that his dad was. He has a vision of the kind of father he wants to be - and with a little help, he’ll get there.

Parenting Programs

First Step believes that healthy parenting is not a trait that comes more naturally to some than to others, but rather a skill that can be modeled and learned by all who make the effort. Being an involved, healthy parent is the best gift you can offer your children. Whether you are an expecting parent, a new parent, or a long-time parent looking to make a deeper connection, healthy parenting is an investment worth making.

Through First Step’s parenting programs, participants learn…

  • The importance of the parental relationship in child development.
  • How to establish traditions within the family.
  • How to build a climate of trust and love.
  • Creative ways to interact with children.
  • The difference between discipline and punishment.
  • Ways to raise children in a different culture than the one you were raised in.